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Sponsored Travel

Last week I had been musing to my mother, “I wonder if I can get someone to sponsor me to travel and then write about it?”  Shortly thereafter, I ran a Google search on sponsored travel.

Lo and behold, there is was.  A whole host of sites about sponsorships for travel writers, bloggers, and photographers.  I found two that looked particularly helpful, which I’ll share at the end of this post.

If you’re short on cash (or even if you’re not), sponsorships for travel can be a great way to pay for all or most of a trip.  It’s likely that more than one sponsor would be necessary, especially if you go to smaller or start-up companies who may not be able to contribute more than a little bit.

It’s certainly a system worth looking into.  For someone like me, who doesn’t have a steady job at the moment or enough income to justify extended vacations overseas, a sponsorship could be just the ticket.

Of course, that means you’re not just getting money to travel.  You have to give something in return.  You could write reviews of the company or its products, or promote the company/product on social media, and of course blog about the company that’s sponsoring you and what they’re doing.  It helps the company to get the word out about them and their products, but it also helps you in that you’re getting money to travel, you’ll get hits on your blog/profile, and you may even score free or cheap stuff if you’re, say, promoting travel gear and the company gives you free samples or something.  It’s a win-win situation if you go about it the right way.

The Planet D has an excellent post, “A Travel Blogger’s Guide to Sponsorship,” that lays out exactly what sponsoring means and how to go about it.

The Travel Blog Exchange looks to be a good way to meet potential sponsors and also to meet other bloggers and writers looking for sponsors.