What to say about me?  I don’t know what you want to know.

My name is Kira Tregoning.  Currently I’m an editor, but I also work as a spiritual hypnotist in a company I own with my mother.  I’ve been to 6 foreign countries before the age of 17, and I’ve been to a 15 US states.  It doesn’t really sound like a whole lot, I suppose, but I’m told that’s more travel than most young people get. Having had a good bit of travel experience, I’m fairly well-versed in how to prepare for trips and how to get around in foreign countries.

I’m a graduate of the University of Maryland with degrees in Linguistics and Classics, and have always had a passion for learning about history and other cultures, especially when it comes to foreign languages.  I have an upcoming trip this summer to go to England, France, and Wales, and I intend to take any of my readers along for the ride via the blog!


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